American Travelers Express Greater Satisfaction with Airport Security Compared to Last Year

Nationwide survey on airport security also reveals increases in “trusted travelers” and expedited screenings; top security measure travelers wish would change is removal of shoes NEW YORK, May 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — While airport security officials announced a more “comprehensive” physical screening for some airline passengers in March, findings released today ( from Travel Leaders… Continue reading “American Travelers Express Greater Satisfaction with Airport Security Compared to Last Year”

How Travel Agents Design Graphics Like a Pro Using Canva

Travel Agent Graphic Design

We all know how important social media can be to our travel agencies and businesses but how can we rise above the competition? In this two part video series, I go over the importance of graphics and the critical role they plan in your social media presence.

Furthermore, I explain how you can be your own graphic designer and create graphics just as good as a professional graphic designer! Don’t be intimidated, anyone can do it, I promise you can too!

Travel Agent Support: How to Design Graphics Like a Pro Using Canva (Part 1)

In part one of the tutorial, I explain why graphics play a key role in your marketing strategy, including social media. Don’t be left behind and watch this tutorial to learn everything you need to know!

Travel Agent Support: How to Design Graphics Like a Pro Using Canva (Part 2)

In the second part of this tutorial, I take you through creating graphics for your travel agency business using real life scenarios. Whether you’re looking to create your Youtube channel cover art, a Facebook post graphic, a resume or a brochure – utilizing the free tool, Canva, you can do it in record time!

5 Steps to Building an Online Presence for Your Travel Agency

Importance of Establishing an Online Presence for your Travel Agency, What You need to Succeed and Where to Start

Whether starting from scratch, trying to stay relevant or simply trying to maintain your website, my goal with this post is to help get you there or at least pointed in the right direction.

Are you a travel pro who, like me, gets frustrated trying to navigate through all the different systems, software, job aids, logins, suppliers, portals, websites, booking engines, co-branded sites, micro-sites, webinars, host agencies, consortia and associations? I know I am! I hope you found this post before you started chewing your finger nails or pulling your hair out!

Perhaps at the very least, you’ve caught yourself in a dead stare, in front of a mirror with huge eyes staring at  their own reflection, trying to figure out where the hell you should start. In this post, I’ll be going over the importance of establishing an online presence for your travel business and what steps you can take to get online today! You may be shocked to find out that you don’t need an online booking engine, you don’t necessarily need real time supplier promos and you can definitely do without destination and travel guides. Read on to find out why! 

Online Booking Engine for Travel Agents - Do I need a booking engine for my website?

There are mountains of various technologies and platforms to choose from as well as service providers everywhere you turn offering what they claim to be the greatest solution for travel agents. With their promises of more website traffic, better engagement from your clients, more leads calling you ready to book their dream vacation.

Travel Website Promos can make you rich!The technology suppliers in particular, the ones selling website solutions or stand-alone booking engine add-ons, flaunt you with all the charts and graphs showing the millions of consumers who book online. They get you all fired up thinking about all the money you could make! As disappointing as it is, I’m here to tell you, for the vast majority of travel agents, an online booking engine will make no difference on your day-to-day revenue operations or revenue streams.

When I launched my agency, I had just left a 10 year career in the technology industry so I put a huge emphasis on making sure my website offered the capability of booking online. In fact, the first host agency I went with, was chosen based on that particular feature! What a huge mistake that was, but more on that later.

What I learned the hard way was that having a booking engine is not important and despite all the marketing and advertising I did, which drove quite a bit of traffic to my site, no one ever booked on it.  Ever.

Clients who want to book online will go to an OTA. They typically arrive at an agency’s site  because they’re in need of an agent’s service, recommendations and expertise! Clients are not driven to your site because of promotions, either. There are deals and promotions everywhere.

What will drive them to your site, however and keep them coming back for more is helpful information, tips, time saving processes and unique, fresh content!

All of the fee based website service providers focus their offerings on providing promotional content for your website with some destination information but it’s all duplicate content so adds absolutely no value with regard to SEO (search engine optimization). In fact, Google and the other search engines will most likely categorize your site as having “thin content” which is not a good thing and can severely hurt your rankings.

In my opinion, the most important thing you can have on your website is original content. Helpful information for your visitors and unique information for the search engines to crawl. While having automatic supplier promotions is a “nice to have”, it’s not critical and is something that can come later, once you can afford to spend the extra money.

Plus, there’s really no need to pay to have promotions and booking capabilities on your site because there are many suppliers who offer co-branded websites free of charge that give your clients tons of information and will even allow them to book online all the while you get all the commission, should you happen to get lucky!

In future posts, I’ll not only be revealing the names of all the travel suppliers offering a co-branded or micro website solution to travel agents and agencies but I will also be walking you through setting them up, step-by-step so be sure to stay tuned for that!

5 Steps You Can Take Today to Get Your Travel Agency Online

  1. Purchase your domain name and hosting plan. If you need help finding the perfect domain, check out our article on 7 online tools to help you find the perfect domain for your travel agency website. If you don’t have a host, I recommend StableHost. I’ve used about 5 different hosting providers and Stablehost, as its name implies,  is very “stable”, they have lightening fast support, allow you to host an unlimited number of domains as well as provide Softaculous which allows you to install about 150 different website scripts and templates with the click of a mouse.
  2. Install a CMS, I prefer WordPress which is the most popular and has thousands of travel agency themes available for free. There are many reasons you should use WordPress if you don’t already have a solution, just 10 of which are mentioned in the video below.
  3. 10 Reasons You Should Use WordPress at your Travel Agency
    If you’ve already setup your hosting account, have access to cPanel and Softaculous, here’s an instructional video showing you how to install WordPress in minutes.
    1. How to Setup WordPress as your Travel Agency Website Solution
  4. Start adding fresh content! The Travel Institute’s “Travel Agent’s Guide to Writing Content” is a great resource and available free. Travel Research Online also offers tons of articles to get you started, motivated and advice for brainstorming. They even offer a white paper which supplies you with 365 days of topics you can cover in your first year.
  5. Sign up for a service like Agent Social Link by Passport Online which gives you content, including videos, blogs, articles and images you can freely use on your website and social media account, although I’d recommend rewriting the articles or spinning the articles to make them unique. According to’s preferred supplier directory (page 183), Agent Social Link is free to us. They weren’t aware of this when I contacted them and I had to scan and send them the page from the guide to prove it. In the end, the service ended up being free. To save you time, I uploaded images of page 183 below.
  6. Use travel agent websites, blogs and forums (such as this one) to ask for help! There are tons of people willing to help their fellow agent and many who have not only been in the business for years but who have pretty much mastered getting online exposure from their websites.

I certainly hope this helps or at least points you in the right direction. There are tons of different solutions out there, this one just costs a lot less and is just as effective, likely even performs better! Using the tools and resources I’ve mentioned above should get you well on your way! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or give me a shout:  [email protected]

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7 Tools to Help You Find the Perfect Domain Name for Your Travel Agency


Have you been searching for the perfect travel domain for your travel business?

I am almost embarrassed by the number of travel domains I personally own but when I have an idea for a domain name or come across one which has recently expired that I like, I usually grab it. I certainly don’t use them all and most of the time, they just sit in my hosting account collecting dust.  However, I personally find having a small vault of domain names comes in handy on occasion but I do go a bit overboard at times.

Okay, let’s get to the tools but first, let me start by giving this advice: If you’re an established agency and already have a company name, I strongly recommend you get a domain name to match. I also recommend that you setup your primary agency website before you venture out and start creating lead generating websites or niche-travel websites.  I think it’s best to focus on your core online home first.

travel-agency-domain-namesLet’s say you’re just starting out, you don’t have a name figured out for  your agency yet or perhaps you’re just looking to buy a domain name or two for any number of reasons.

In this post, I’m giving you 7 Tools to Help You Find the Perfect Domain Name for Your Travel Agency.

1. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search Helps Travel Agents and Agencies Find Website Names for their Business

This domain-finding tool helps users find names by pairing whatever term you enter into the search box with other popular and commonly found keywords in website names. This tools also instantly shows you the names which are available to register.

When I tested out the tool with the words “My Travel Agency, here are 4 of the 4,997 available domain names the tool came back with:,,,

Some of them may not make great sense but the tool is very helpful! Lean Domain Search also allows you to click the ones you like and saves those to a favorites least which is a great extra feature.

2. helps Travel Agencies Find Unique Domains with ALternative Endings


Did you know  there are more than 280 domain name extensions available? A domain extension is the “.com”, “.net” or “.us” part of the domain. This tool allows you to enter your keyword(s), press enter and get a list of domains available using domain extensions. will also use subdirectories to give you even more options. For example, I entered the keywords “gay social” and generated a list of about 20 names, one of which was “”, pretty cool, right? Here are a few more names the tool generated:,,,

3. Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator helps Travel Agents find Website Domain Names


Dot-o-mator consists of a few different tools to help you come up with the perfect domain name for your travel agency.  The first tool allows you to enter in various keywords which will generate names by adding nouns, adjectives or other types of words either to the beginning or end of the keyword. Dot-o-mator also checks for availability and allows you to keep a shortlist of the domains you like within the tool.

The second part of this tool is the “Web 2.0 Name Generator” which is pretty simple and sort of luck Google’s “I’m feeling Lucky” search option. You simply press the button and out pops domain name suggestions. Pressing the button over-and-over again would eventually lead to a pretty catch name, don’t you think?

4. Name Cheap

Name Cheap for Travel Agency Websites

Name Cheap offers a tool similar to what many domain registrars offer. You enter your desired domain name and if it’s not available, Name Cheap’s algorithm spits out domain names it think you’ll like and which are also available.

5. Domize

Domize Domain Finder Review

This tool is great because it works similar to Google’s instant search feature. This means domain name availability is instantly checked, as you type the domain name! Give it a try if you already have a list of domain names you’ve brainstormed and just want to quickly check to see which ones are available.

6. Name Mesh


Name Mesh has over 6M words in its database and actually utilizes 20 different generators all at the same time.  Whether you want a domain which is a common name, new, short, extra, similar, sea-centric, fun or a number of other types of domains, Name Mesh has you covered.

7. Domains Bot


Domains Bot is one of my favorites, although it doesn’t generate anything super creative, it is quick and generates tons of options in an instant. I highly recommend this tool if you’re on the lookout for the perfect travel agency domain for your website, business or both.


So, I hope this post has been useful to you. Using one of the 7 tools above is sure to help you during your search for the perfect domain name but just in case they’re all a bust, there are many more tools out there . Need more inspiration? Check out this list of 15 additional domain name generators.


Create Your Travel Agency Mission Statement with the Help of a Free Generator for Agents

Travel Agent Mission Statement

Travel Agent Mission Statements – New Tools to Assist in Creating the Perfect One For Your Business

Coming up with a mission statement for your travel agency business can seem like a daunting task or Mission Statement for Travel Businessesmaybe it seems completely unnecessary to you or maybe, you need to rethink your current mission statement. Either way, this article aims to explain the importance of a mission statement while providing a free tool to help you come up with something for your travel business. Below, you’ll be introduced to the Travel Agent Mission Statement Generator v1.0 .

Does my tour company need a mission statement, even though it’s a one-woman operation and I just do a few groups a year?

Writing a mission statement is typically part of the business planning process for most businesses, including travel agencies. No matter how small you are, mission statements are a means of communicating your company’s values and its purpose or reason for being!

What are the benefits of my cruise agency creating a mission statement and how will it help us reach our goals?

Your mission statement should be the guiding light for every decision you have to make, perpetually steering your travel business towards every goal and objective. Travel Agent Mission, Vision and GoalsEvery legitimate business needs a well thought out mission statement for many reasons, only one of which is to help keep your preferred suppliers and strategic partnerships as well as your team on the same path and moving in the right direction. The mission statement for your travel agency will help eliminate any conflicts or disputes that can otherwise be detrimental to the to the growth of your business and its future success.

Isn’t writing a mission statement for my travel services agency as simple is writing down a few general words specific to what we specialize in?

Writing Travel Agent Business Plan Examplesa mission statement seems easy enough – they are typically short, have a few bullet points or sentences and have to do with a subject matter of which you’re an expert. However, when you actually go to write the mission statement for your travel business, it can prove to be elusive and difficult to capture.

Okay. I get the importance of a mission statement but I need help. Do you have any travel agent mission statement examples or travel mission statement templates?

The mission statement tool aims to help you come up with your travel agency’s statement quickly and easily or at the very least, will help get the wheels turning and well on your way to locking in on the perfect mission statement for your travel business.

 Simply click each tab at the top and input the types of words the tool asks for that specifically apply to your business, then click “GENERATE“.

You may want to do a bit of brainstorming so that you come up with a combination of complimentary words that really peg your business, values and goals. Once you input words under all 4 tabs; ADVERBS, VERBS, ADJECTIVES and Mission Statement Generator Tool Online for Agents of TravelNOUNS, simply click the GENERATE button to automagically create a mission statement for you! If you don’t like the mission statement the tool generates, simply make your own by changing some of the words or click generate to receive a brand new one!

 Glossary for the Travel Agent Mission Statement Generator Tool

Just in case you’re not brushed up on your grammar and sentence structure skills, here are a few definitions you’ll need to know. You can also click on each word for a popup with more detailed information.

  1. ADVERBS – a word that provides information about the manner, place, time, frequency or other circumstances of the activity denoted by the verb or phrase.

    Example: She was walking slowly

  2. VERBS– a word that conveys and action, an occurrence or a state of being.

    Example: She was walking slowly

  3. ADJECTIVES – a word that qualifies a noun or noun phrase, giving more information about the object specified.

    Example: She was walking slowly in her new shoes.

    Launch Free Mission Statement Generator


Attention all Home Based and Independent Travel Agents: Enough is Enough – We must take a stand!

Update: 6/23/14 – GOGO Vacations Responds with the following FAQ:

FAQ on GOGO Agreement

Q: It seems this agreement is one sided in GOGO’s favor and that GOGO can now sue me/my agency for any issue because it eliminates all liability on GOGO’s end.  Is this true?

A: As a third party in the vacation-planning process, GOGO does not interact with the consumer and has no control over the actions of the travel agent or agency.  Therefore, we need to protect ourselves should the case of fraud arise.  In the unlikely event an agent or agency commits fraud and GOGO is brought into the lawsuit by the consumer, this agreement states that GOGO is not responsible for any errors or omissions made by the travel agent or agency.

As with the vast majority of travel service providers, GOGO, as a wholesale travel provider, does not own, operate, manage or control the travel service providers used by GOGO.  Accordingly, GOGO has a strong disclaimer of liability, quite common in the industry, to protect itself from claims arising out of incidents while an individual is under the control of a third-party travel service provider.

Rest assured, GOGO still remains liable for its own negligent acts and omissions that may cause or give rise to a lawsuit or claim.

Q: If my clients have/are having a bad vacation experience, does this contract say that GOGO will not be responsible?

A: No. GOGO will continue to help our travel agent partners should an issue arise with any aspect of a

booking made through GOGO, including the hotel, airline and car rental.  As some of you have experienced already, GOGO works together with the travel consultant to help rectify the situation for the traveler.   If that negative experience arose out of GOGO’s negligent acts or omissions, then GOGO shall remain liable. However, should the client’s negative experience result from the way the travel products and services was offered and sold by the travel agent, or due to some neglect in how the information, including pricing, was conveyed by the travel agent to the client, then GOGO is not liable. Q: If my agency and GOGO get sued, does my agency have to cover GOGO’s legal costs?

A: Only if GOGO has been brought into the lawsuit because of an act or omission on the travel agent’s part, such as fraud or neglect.  If GOGO is brought into a lawsuit where GOGO is found to have no fault, and GOGO incurs legal costs, this agreement allows us to reserve the right to ask for reimbursement for those legal expenses.

Q: Why is this agreement even in place?

A: GOGO’s relationship is with you, the travel agency and in an effort to document that relationship, GOGO has a sub agent agreement with you. This agreement sets out various aspects of the relationship with you, including the commission to be paid to you, how payments for products will be made, how information shall be treated and how disputes and issues will be dealt with. Such agreements are commonplace and most, if not all, travel wholesalers have something similar in place.

Q: I am a part of a consortia, do I have to still sign this?

A: Ultimately it will depend upon GOGO’s agreement with the consortia entity and what protections are afforded to GOGO with respect to the acts and omissions of the consortia members. As previously stated, GOGO’s relationship is with you, the travel agency and accordingly the sub agent agreement helps to document this relationship.

Q: Why did you introduce this agreement now?

A: GOGO has actually had this agreement in place for some time.  When you signed up with GOGO, you agreed to these terms.  The difference now is that we have added two new indemnity events to cover: (i) any chargebacks or bounced checks by the travel agent or the travel agent’s customer; and (ii) any claims by travel agent’s employees, sub-contractors or independent consultants for payment of commission. In both instances, GOGO’s relationship is with you, the travel agency and not the customer or the travel agent’s employees, sub-contractors or independent consultants. Following an increase in fraudulent activity on the agency side and an increase in chargebacks due to the travel agency not making the customer aware of the cost involved or that GOGO Vacations may appear as the merchant on their statement, GOGO has introduced these additional protections.  GOGO has no control over what is said to the travel agent’s customer or how it is said. If for some reason a charge is disputed by the customer and GOGO loses the dispute, GOGO needs to hold the agency accountable for failing to convey the proper information.  GOGO is still required to pay the hotel and other service providers and therefore need to be able to collect what is due to these travel vendors.

We take great pride in our business and we need to ensure we protect it for all parties involved, from our staffers to your agency.  If there are any other questions you have regarding this agreement, we would be happy to discuss further.


Original Post 6/9/2014:

I don’t have time to read every travel related article from all the different trade publications on any consistent basis but I happened to stumble upon an article on Travel Weekly’s website today which really burned me up. Travel Weekly The author is Mark Pestronk, whom I have never met before and don’t know from Adam.

The article talks about Gogo’s new sales agreement and how it relieves them from all responsibility and liability with regard to payments (or lack thereof), client mishaps, potential lawsuits and several other things. Gogo VacationsBasically, we as independent and often home-based agents are going to be responsible, of course, unless we pass the buck on to our clients. In the Travel Weekly article, written as a Q&A and originally posted here, Mr. Mark Pestronk posts the following:

Q: Gogo Vacations has issued a new “Sub-Agent Agreement” that it requires retailers to sign. That agreement appears to contain several clauses that, among other things, disclaim liability for whatever happens on a trip. Does such an agreement help us defend against client claims by binding our client to these disclaimers, or does it make it even more vital that we get clients to agree to our own disclaimer protecting our agency? Also, if our frontline agent signs the Gogo agreement as part of the booking process, would such a signature bind our agency? A: Gogo’s agreement does not bind your client; nor does it protect you. If your client sues you for a loss or injury during a trip, Gogo’s agreement effectively prevents you from getting Gogo to cover your client’s loss, so you need your own disclaimer more than ever. You can find free sample disclaimers for your agency at, but remember that sample forms cannot cover every problem that arises. Gogo’s own disclaimer is very comprehensive: “The Travel Agents’ use of the products hereunder provided by Gogo Vacations are [sic] at Travel Agents’ own risk and that Gogo Vacations is supplying all products on an ‘as is’ basis without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, and Gogo Vacations hereby disclaims all warranties.” Gogo’s agreement not only protects itself from liability but it also shifts liability onto your agency to a greater extent than any other industry contract I have seen. Even the ARC agreement is not as one-sided. For example, the agreement states, “The Travel Agent indemnifies and keeps indemnified Gogo Vacations against all losses, damages, claims, costs (including reasonable attorney fees), demands and expenses which Gogo Vacations may sustain or incur directly or indirectly from or concerning: (i) any failure by the customer … to pay for the booked Products in accordance with Gogo Vacations payment terms as advised from time to time; (ii) any chargebacks or bounced checks by the … customer ;… (v) any injury or death to any customer or any person howsoever caused arising out of the sale of the Products; and (vi) any damage, loss or theft of any property belonging to any customer.” So if your client fails to make a final payment, your agency owes it. If your client’s credit card is dishonored, your agency owes the money. If the client successfully disputes a credit card charge after the trip, your agency is on the hook to Gogo. In addition, the paragraph quoted above makes your agency the insurer against anything that can go wrong on a trip, including injury or death. If Gogo gets sued by your client for any reason, you must pay its attorney’s fees. If an accident is determined to be Gogo’s fault, you must reimburse Gogo for the amount of the judgment against it. If your client’s property is stolen at the resort, you must cover any verdict against Gogo. If your frontline agent signs Gogo’s agreement, the signature would probably not bind your agency because he or she would have no actual or implied authority to do so. No one below the position of manager would normally have such authority, but it is always safer to instruct your employees not to sign any contracts. Mark Pestronk is a Washington-based lawyer specializing in travel law. To submit a question for Legal Briefs, email him at [email protected]

Reading this completely blows my mind. Why? Because so many of us are home based and don’t have the financial resources to pay an attorney to draw up a bunch of mumbo jumbo, much less keep up with all the ways the next greedy travel company can screw us over. The multi-national companies are passing the buck to the agent and now we’re expected to pass it on to the client? What role do host agencies play into a scenario like this? Oh, let me guess – I need to hire an attorney to figure that out too?

Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs exist out there? Every major company, website, store, service and blog offers an affiliate program – often times, paying much more than the travel industry standard of 10%, too. So, one can get 10% commission just for having a user click on a link that leads to a sale directly with a supplier and there’s virtually no risk, whatsoever. Why is it that a travel agent essentially does the work a supplier would’ve had to do had the deal been direct between the end user and the supplier? It seems obvious to me that an arrangement like that saves the supplier overhead, right?

The whole model needs to be seriously evaluated and flipped on its head.  Home based agents and travel agencies in general save the supplier money and it’s not right that commissions continue to be slashed yet we have to deal with BS like this.

Let’s not forget the greedy host agency who is going to snatch anywhere from 10-60% of your earnings with their grubby little hands. Greedy Travel Host AgenciesThis, of course, after they have charged you a fee to access a GDS system, for example,  when in reality there getting incentives for every single segment you book.

The solution to all of this?

Choose your preferred suppliers, service providers, host agency (if you absolutely must have one), consortia and associations carefully. We vote with our money and the  fastest way to create change is to stop the cash from flowing!

Fight Back Against the Host Agencies and Travel SuppliersOkay, I’m done venting and being negative. I just had to get that out. What are your thoughts? How are you “fighting back”?

I’ve contacted Gogo for a response to the original article as well. It’s been a few weeks and I never received a response.

Travel Agency Commission Schedule for Independent Travel Consultants

Travel Agency Commission Schedule for Independent Travel Consultants

This is only to be used as general guidance and may not be up-to-date. Please contact the supplier for detailed information.


Cruise Lines When is the commission payout made to us from vendor?
AVALON RIVER Paid 2 weeks after departure
Group Booking is the same
CARNIVAL Paid within a few days after final payment
Group Booking is paid out 2 weeks after the sail date
CELEBRITY Paid within a few days after final payment
Group Booking is paid 2 weeks after the sail date
COSTA Paid 2 weeks after sailing
Group Booking paid 2 weeks after departure
DISNEY CRUISE Paid within a few days after final payment
Group Booking is paid out 2 weeks after the sail date
HOLLAND AMERICA Paid 2 weeks after sailing
Group Booking is paid in full then paid 2 weeks after sailing
MSC Paid 2 weeks after client’s return
Group Booking is paid in full then paid up to 30 days after sailing
NCL Paid 72 hours after final payment
Group Booking is paid in full then paid out
OCEANIA Paid 30 days before departure
PRINCESS Paid 1 to 2 weeks after final payment
Group Booking is paid in full then paid in 1 to 2 weeks
RCCL Paid  within a few days after final payment
Group Booking is paid out 2 weeks after the sail date
SEABOURN Paid to us 2 to 4 weeks after final payment
Group Booking paid to us 14 days after final payment
SILVERSEA Paid to us 2 weeks before cruise
Group Booking paid to us 2 weeks before cruise
UNIWORLD RIVER Paid to us after date of departure
Group Booking is the same
VIKING RIVER Paid to us 29 days prior to cruise departure
Group Booking paid to us 2 weeks prior to sailing
Tour Operators
APPLE  VACATIONS Paid to us 10 days after departure
Group Booking is paid to us 2 weeks after travel
CLUB MED Paid to us 2 weeks after return date
FUNJET VACATIONS Paid to us 1 week after travel
Group Booking is paid to us up to 2 weeks after travel
MLT VACATIONS Paid to us after departure.  They payout every Wednesday.
GLOBUS & COSMOS Paid to us Friday after departure
GOGO VACATIONS Paid to us after final payment on 22th or 29th of each month
Group Booking is paid after final payment on the 22th or 29th of each month
TRAFALGAR TOURS Paid to us 2 weeks after return date.
TRAVEL IMPRESSIONS Paid to us 2 days after departure
Group Booking is paid to us up to 2 weeks after the departure date
VACATION EXPRESS Paid to us after the client travels on the 15th of month or end of month
Other Vendors
BOOKING.COM Paid to us 2 months after departure on the 15th of each month
EXPEDIA Paid to us the month after booking on the 3rd Friday of month
HOTELS.COM Paid to us around the 10th of the following month for checked out guests
PRICELINE Merchant Paid to us the month after departure on the 15th of each month
TICKETSNOW Paid to us the 1st of the month
TRAVELOCITY AIR Paid to us the following month air is booked. So booked in Jan, paid in Feb
Travelocity Custom Trips Paid to us approx 30 days after completion of stay.
ALAMO Paid to us last day of month following rental month
AVIS Paid to us 2nd or 3rd week of month following rental month
BUDGET Paid to us 2nd or 3rd week of month following rental month
ENTERPRISE Paid to us last day of month following rental month
E-Z RENT-A-CAR Paid to us 15th of month after rental month
NATIONAL Paid to us last day of month after rental
INSURANCE VENDOR ex. purchase insurance in Jan paid to us in Feb
ACCESS AMERICA Paid to us 20th or 21st of the month following purchase
CSA TRAVEL Paid to us at end of the month following purchase
iTRAVEL Paid to us 15th of the month following sale
MEDJET ASSIST Paid to us 15th to 20th of each month following purchase month
RBC INSURANCE Paid to us 10th of the month following purchase
TRAVELEX Paid to us 15th of the month following purchase
TRAVEL GUARD Paid to us 15th of the month following travel
TRAVEL ISSURED Paid to us 15th of the month following sale
TRAVEL SAFE Paid to us 15th of the month following purchase

How To Setup a Free Honeymoon Registry for Travel Agents

Custom Travel Agent Honeymoon Registry
Travel Agent Expert Advice

Today’s question is from Kevin O’Donnell and Halime Barkay of Travel Planners International and involves what can be a very powerful marketing tool and something you can offer your client for free as a value added service. How many times have you heard…

“Do you have a honeymoon registry?”

In this week’s “Ask Steve for Help”, I’ll take you step-by-step through the process for setting up your very own honeymoon registry so that next time you hear that question, you’ll be able to reply with a resounding “yes!”. Sound good?

“Sounds great but what is a honeymoon registry??”


There are a ton of honeymoon registries out there and while there are certainly some leaders of the pack, the majority of the ones I’ve tested are the same. What’s important for us is our ability to seamlessly integrate the honeymoon registry using our own brand and on our own websites. After all, maintaining a professional and seamless appearance is important for our brand identity’s and how customers view that brand in the marketplace.

…with me so far ?

After testing several registry’s and comparing private label

Honeymoon Registry for Travel Agents

capabilities, there is only one service that I could find with $0 cost (and a cute name) –


Hilton Frankfurt Airport recognised by World Travel Awards

Travel Agent Support congratulates  the Hilton location in Germany’s most expensive city for being recognized with a World Travel Award! Known best by business travelers looking for consistency, quality, value and hospitality, all traits traveler’s have come to expect from the brand.

Hilton Frankfurt Airport

By Breaking Travel News Hilton Frankfurt Airport has taken the title of Europe’s Leading Airport Hotel, beating competition from Mövenpick Hotel Zurich and Sofitel London Heathrow in a competitive race. Being known as a next generation hotel, the hotel combines state-of-the-art design with a unique location. Read the full story


Source: Hilton Airport recognised by World Travel Awards     


News: Hilton Frankfurt recognised by World Travel Awards

CONGRATS Hilton Frankfurt @Airport_FRA – named Europe’s Leading Airport Hotel! One of many awards since 2011

Hilton Frankfurt recognised by World Travel Awards: Hilton Frankfurt Airport has taken the title of Eu…
Hilton Frankfurt Airport recognised by World Travel Awards

Hilton Frankfurt Airport has taken the title of Europe’s Leading Airport Hotel, beating competition from Mövenpick Hotel Zurich Airport and Sofitel London Heathrow in a competitive race. Being known as a next generation airport hotel, the Hilton
TheTravelPro: FRANKFURT: Hilton Frankfurt Airport

be somewhat predictable. However, on the recommendation of a business contact who had lived in Frankfurt, I decided to stay at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport and found it a delightful place to call home during my brief visit.


MAHALO MONTH: The Hawaiian Islands Invite Travel Professionals to Participate from April 1 to May 31, 2014

During the official travel agent month in Hawaii, dubbed “Mahalo Month”, there are many discounts, perks and freebies available to travel industry professionals.

From the Mahalo Month website:

“Its our way of saying ‘mahalo’ or ‘thank you’ for helping to sell and promote our destination. Mahalo Month 2014 provides travel professionals with special rates and offers from Hawaii’s travel industry.”

From the “Mahalo Card”, which offers special discounts during the months of April and May in Hawaii for travel agents to special events such as the 2014 Kauai Orchid and Art Festival, the official website is the place to go for all the details. Registration is required but is quick and easy.

Below, is a sampling of the offers available to travel agents during Mahalo Month. There are a total of 126 offers but you’ll need to register on their site to access all 126 travel agent offers.

Mahalo Offers

There are 126 offers

Amy Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden

Hawaii Island 82-6160 Mamalahoa Hwy / Captain Cook, Hawaii / US / 96704www.bishopmuseum/greenwell

Admission for two waived for the first travel professional who comes to the Garden each day during Mahalo Month. We are open every day 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. except Mondays and holidays. Come at 1 p.m. to go on the daily Guided Hawaiian Plant Walk, where you will accompany a guide on a walk through the landscape of old Kona at this unique botanical garden of native plants and Polynesian introductions.
  • Activities/Attractions

Aqua Hospitality

Kauai 1850 Ala Moana Blvd. / Honolulu, Hawaii / US /

15% Off BAR at select Aqua managed hotels on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Molokai.
  • Hotel/Accommodations

Aqua Hospitality

Maui 1850 Ala Moana Blvd. / Honolulu, Hawaii / US /

15% Off BAR at select Aqua managed hotels on Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Molokai
  • Hotel/Accommodations

Aqua Hospitality

Molokai 1850 Ala Moana Blvd / Honolulu, Hawaii / US /

15% Off BAR at select Aqua managed hotels on Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Molokai
  • Hotel/Accommodations

Aqua Hospitality

Oahu 1850 Ala Moana Blvd. / Honolulu, Hawaii / US /

15% Off BAR at select Aqua managed hotels on Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Molokai
  • Hotel/Accommodations

Aston Aloha Beach Hotel

Kauai 3-5920 Kuhio Highway / Kapaa, Hawaii / US /

Travel agents and travel trade media are encouraged to stay with Aston and experience our properties first-hand through exclusive “eduVacation” rates — discounted rates for travel partners so they may stay at our properties and learn more about them. EduVacation rates at Aston Aloha Beach Hotel start at $79/night.
  • Activities/Attractions

Aston at Papakea Resort

Maui 3543 Lower Honoapiilani Road / Lahaina, Hawaii / US /

Travel agents and travel trade media are encouraged to stay with Aston and experience our properties first-hand through exclusive “eduVacation” rates — discounted rates for travel partners so they may stay at our properties and learn more about them. EduVacation rates at Aston at Papakea Resort start at $99/night.
  • Hotel/Accommodations

Aston at Poipu Kai

Kauai 1775 Poipu Road / Koloa, Hawaii / US /

Travel agents and travel trade media are encouraged to stay with Aston and experience our properties first-hand through exclusive “eduVacation” rates — discounted rates for travel partners so they may stay at our properties and learn more about them. EduVacation rates at Aston at Poipu Kai start at $99/night.
  • Hotel/Accommodations

Here are some other useful websites and resources for agents looking for more information on Hawaii:

The Travel Trade Site provides the travel trade with information about the Hawaiian Islands. GO > provides tips and information about the Hawaiian Islands – from climate, to activities, to customs information and more. GO > is Hawaii’s Official Travel Site. If you’re a prospective visitor, the site offers you an opportunity to explore – in depth – Hawaii’s six unique islands and create a travel experience that’s perfect for you. GO >
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