Travel Agent Podcasts – Recommended Favorites

Travel Agent Podcasts

In this post, I thought I’d share my favorite podcasts – from travel agent specific content and productivity programs to shows about expats and finance. What about you, do you listen to podcasts? Be sure to share your favorites in the comments section below!

In 2005, David Carr wrote “In a nascent state, podcasting is the platform du jour, the latest form of jailbreak media that has plain old citizens pulling up the microphone and mainstream media running scared.” Since then, podcasting has certainly seen it’s ups and downs in popularity but over the last year, I’ve noticed a proliferation in newly launched podcasts. One can only assume demand exists for all these new shows. In fact, Edison Research, who conducts market analysis on the topic, estimates 98 million people, or 36% of the global population, has listened to at least one podcast in their lifetime. In 2006, that number was only 11%.

Despite the rise and fall of podcasts and their popularity,

Android and iPhone Podcast App
My Favorite Podcast App

I personally love listening to them. Whether in the shower, on an airplane or working out at the gym, podcasts are the perfect company. I love educating myself and learning from others who are more successful than I am. While the recommendations below aren’t necessarily specific to travel, they are all enlightening, educational or focused on business or personal development in some fashion or form. In no particular order, these are the podcasts that grace my favorites area in the smart phone app I use, called Pocketcast.

I intend for this post to be Evergreen, meaning, relevant and fresh for readers regardless of when the content is consumed. In other words, I plan on updating this post with new additions and as my tastes and needs change.

My Top Podcast Picks for Travel Agents and Travel Industry Professionals

1. Build Your Tribe
2. Beyond the To Do List
3. Freakonomics Radio
4. Get Paid for Your Pad
5. Listen Money Matters / College Info Geek

How Travel Agents Design Graphics Like a Pro Using Canva

Travel Agent Graphic Design

We all know how important social media can be to our travel agencies and businesses but how can we rise above the competition? In this two part video series, I go over the importance of graphics and the critical role they plan in your social media presence.

Furthermore, I explain how you can be your own graphic designer and create graphics just as good as a professional graphic designer! Don’t be intimidated, anyone can do it, I promise you can too!

Travel Agent Support: How to Design Graphics Like a Pro Using Canva (Part 1)

In part one of the tutorial, I explain why graphics play a key role in your marketing strategy, including social media. Don’t be left behind and watch this tutorial to learn everything you need to know!

Travel Agent Support: How to Design Graphics Like a Pro Using Canva (Part 2)

In the second part of this tutorial, I take you through creating graphics for your travel agency business using real life scenarios. Whether you’re looking to create your Youtube channel cover art, a Facebook post graphic, a resume or a brochure – utilizing the free tool, Canva, you can do it in record time!

A Travel CRM is Critical for Agencies Looking to Grow their Businesses

Which Travel CRM Options Do Home Based Travel and Cruise Agencies Have?

One of the greatest tools available to any sized travel or cruise agency business is a Travel CRM system which caters to your needs. What exactly is a CRM? It means “Customer Relationship Management” for travel businesses. Home based or independent travel agencies are busy people, often times wearing many hats to run the business.

Having a great Travel CRM solution in place for your home based agency is the difference between success and failure.

travel crm infographic Up until recently, the travel industry has only really had a couple mainstream options. The option that’s been available  for those industry professionals in the market for an agency client management tool the longest, is Clientbase, owned by Sabre. It’s definately a legacy platform and it definately shows. Although Clientbase is constantly being developed in and improved, it looks like something straight out of the nineties. Clientbase is antiquated, expensive to implement (once you account for all the add-ins and extra services) and isn’t very intuitive.

Hover me to open tooltip

Since I originally wrote about my frustration with the CRM options out there, a few additional options have popped up. I’ve tried only one of these small travel agency solutions so far. Unfortunately, it really didn’t work for me. I plan on posting several  reviews very soon. The second cruise, tour operator or travel agency solution just launched – in fact, they are in a beta program right now so access to Xcelerator CRM is totally free until the end of January!

Check Out these New Travel or Cruise Agency CRM Options Available!

Vacation CRM


Vacation CRM was created by two travel agency owners who were both frustrated with the lack of options and who decided to have a custom and proprietary solution created. After realizing there were tons of other agencies in the same boat, decided to open it up to everyone.

Future of travel reservation systems is CRM – but not as we know it

Then we get dedicated travel CRM systems such as Pro Eq, now owned by Comtec. Pro Eq changed the game. No longer was a customer record a side-effect of a booking, but a booking was a side-effect of a customer record. Hence it did a great job of …

Xcelerator by Trisept Solutions


Xcelerator is from the same folks who created Vax Vacation Access which is promising. I plan to do a full review but I just got access a couple of days ago. The only feedback I have so far has to do with their decision to monetize the platform in two different ways.

Most of the time, developers would choose a single monetizing option. For example, if software is free, it’s usually supported with advertising revenue. Alternatively, users who pay a subscription fee shouldn’t have to deal with advertising banners, pop ups and stuff like that. Trisept Solutions have evidently decided to both charge a subscription fee and display “in-your-face” advertising on their site. The current banners are front and center and distracting, out-of-place almost. I’m not a fan of double dipping which is what they’re doing in my opinion.

Best Travel Agency Software | 2015 Reviews of the Most Popular …

by Travel Sciences. View Profile. Travel CRM & campaign marketing engine, flexible reservation & booking and supplier & commission management.

Original Post

Believe it or not, we are still looking for a CRM solution for our travel agency and it’s not for lack of trying that we haven’t found one. We have tried countless platforms, downloadable desktop applications, SaaS solutions and anything else we could get our hands on.  The vast majority of solutions our there aren’t industry specific and claim to work regardless of your industry or how your business functions. Whether this is true or not, I can’t say but what I do know is that a ton of customization would be required, at minimum.

This post is being written out of pure frustration with the hope that someone will hear our calls for help and throw us a lifeline.

It is beyond me why there doesn’t seem to be a solution, or at least one that meets our needs while also being affordable for smaller travel agencies and one-man-shows.  Is this something that could be crowd-sourced? Are tFinding the perfect Travel CRM solution is paramount to a home based travel agent's success!here enough travel agents around who would be willing to contribute towards the development of an ultimate business management application or service? I think so – and I’d even be willing to spearhead such an effort but how in the world would I make contact? Sure, there are mailing lists out there but they cost a fortune and whose to say the effort would even work?

Is all of your travel client information stored in a spreadsheet? Time to transition to a Travel CRM!

The Washington Post says there are 50,000 full time travel agents in the United States alone, as of August 2013. CNN says the number of retail travel agencies is fast declining but we all knew that. We have evolved! We are mostly home based travel businesses now which makes perfect sense.
Travel Weekly did an excellent write up on this topic and concluded a much more likely scenario: there are about 100,000 travel agents in the United States, 40,000 of which are home based and that number is based on Bureau of Labor statistics. Whitravel crmle the number of independent travel agencies or agents is up for debate, one thing  is clear – there are still tons of us out there and more than enough to make it worth while for someone to develop a solution capable of automating much of our daily business practices and free up time we should be spending on building relationships with our current and potential clients.

Back Office and CRM demo request | Q Travel Cloud

Back Office and demo request. Home; / Back Office and Travel CRM demo request. Demo registration confirmation. We have sent you an email to …
Back in the 1960’s when the airline industry created the first GDS as a way to keep track of flight schedules, availability and prices,  the travel industry as a whole seemed to be at the cutting edge of technology – essentially creating the world’s first ever “e-commerce” platform.  Now, we are light years behind – at least I think we are – again this is all from the perspective of a small business owner – not a giant company with unlimited funds.
The History of the GDS

How To Build a Successful Travel Agency and Start Traveling for Pennies on the Dollar Today!


I am Projecting My Best Year Ever in 2015! Learn the Secrets to Success by Taking Advantage of Super Simple Resources Available to Travel Agents – Most of Which are Free!

Although I think my story is pretty interesting, I realize some folks don’t give a damn which is why you are more than welcome to scroll to the bottom of this page to skip all that and go straight to the goods!

Many people, passionate about travel, seeing the world and helping others do the same, have this preconceived notion that travel agents are obsolete, that somehow, the world wide web eliminated the need for travel industry professionals, much like like technology has done for many other professions. Travel Agent Salaray Others, believe there is still a place for travel agents in the world think travel professionals make about the same wage as a someone working at a local fast food joint.  While that is certainly the case with some folks, the reality is that you are only limited by your imagination, drive and goals! There are many opportunities available and more than enough clients looking for someone to guide them through the travel planning process. Sure, the internet has made information available to everyone but travel continues to get more and more complex. People want to do things never done just a few years ago. They want unique experiences and they want a travel consultant who specializes in their preferred destination or travel interest. Guess what folks? Specialized service like that comes at a premium and unless you plan on working for free, you’ll get paid for your valuable time, expertise and knowledge!

There are other ways to maximize your earning potential as well. You see, owning your own business means you get to call the shots, you get to choose the type of people you want to do business with and it’s perfectly acceptable to turn people away. If you don’t think you “click” with a potential client, they’ll be thankful for you referring them to someone better suited to help them! There’s no sense in wasting anyone’s time!

You can also decide whether you want to be governed by suppliers who dictate what commission they pay. Sure, if you see that a hotel pays 10% commission and you allow that hotel to make decisions for your business, you may very well make minimum wage! Never forget, you run the show! Why limit yourself to 10% commission? In fact, why get paid commission at all? Who wants to wait for up to 90 days AFTER a client returns from their trip to get paid? I certainly don’t! You don’t have to! You can collect your money  the second the client pays for the product or service!

Believe me. there are lots of decisions to make and things can get rather complicated but CALM DOWN! Known of them are permanent decisions, they don’t have to be decided right this minute and you’re free to change the way you to business whenever YOU choose to!

But I’m here to show you 4 easy and completely free tools as well as marketing services that will prove that both the assumptions I mentioned are simply not true.

My name is Steven Talbott and before I give you these 4 fast tracks to success, I would like to tell you a bit of my story. . .

In September of 2012, I was laid off after a 10 year career working for a Fortune 50 company in the technology industry. You’ve probably heard of the industry giant and if you haven’t, well – crawl out from under that rock! I worked for Dell Inc.steven-talbott-beach

I never thought, in a million years, that my job, talent, skills and experience could be replaced by outsourcing workers from a third world country. After everything I had done for the company, the millions of dollars earned, saved and added to the bottom line , it was the last thing on my mind! I think many of us working in the corporate world have this false sense of security. Lesson learned!

You see, I had been working remotely since 2005, long before it became a buzz word and I did so after my previous boss’ warning that working from home makes it very difficult to remain visible to executives. I took his warning with a grain of salt. “My work speaks for itself”, I thought. Ha!

Anyway, I was born and raised in Nashville, TN and have always wanted to live in another city. Not because I disliked Nashville – quite the opposite, I adored Nashville and it was all I ever knew. Basically, I wanted the life experience of living somewhere else but it always seemed impossible – moving to a place where I didn’t know a living soul? Not my style!

My partner and I were great friends with a couple who had just decided on moving to Asheville, NC and who invited us to move with them. Between the four of us, we could easily afford to live in a huge house, or more of an estate in the beautiful mountains of Asheville!

Of course we both jumped at the opportunity and accepted but I still  needed to run it by my Dell Manager. I was hesitant – just because living in Nashville afforded me the ability to run to the office in 20 minutes anytime I needed to, although I hadn’t stepped foot on the Dell campus in over 18 months at this point but thinking of my old boss’ advice or warning, I was nervous about asking.

Hell, I was only 3 out of 15  people on my direct team who lived near the Nashville office, everyone else was scattered throughout the country – in Hawaii, the Carolinas, Texas, Tennessee and abroad in India, Malaysia and the Philippines. Having weighed out everything and gathering the courage, I asked the question and as I expected, it wasn’t a big deal at all! Two months later, our friends sort of backed out but we still wanted to find a place of our own and move anyway but we were gonna need some time to save up the money.

The move date I had given my boss passed and during one of our weekly one-on-one meetings, he asked me how I was liking it. Not wanting to add confusion by telling him we hadn’t moved and that we still planned to but didn’t really know when, I just told him I loved it. Little did we know, just mere weeks after I confirmed the move, I would receive the most horrifying phone call of my life, or so I thought.

Laid Off from Dell

I’m sure you’ve heard it before or know of someone who has, it was the standard corporate mumbo jumbo about the economy and how the decision was purely strategic, having nothing to do with my expertise, performance or quality of work. You guess it – I was LAID OFF and I was absolutely devastated — and  heart broken. Dell was the only thing I had ever known. I had been with them since before I was old enough to drink! Everything I knew, every skill I had developed, every relationship built, was all Dell-centric. What in the world was I gonna do!?!?

Thankfully, I was given a sizable severance package that would last a while plus I could draw unemployment as well. I always knew I was destined to start a business and I knew I’d be really good at it. I also wanted to employ other hard working people and give back to the community. Being Laid off was the Best thing that Ever Happened to Me!It also just so happened that prior to being employed by Dell in 2002, I had worked for a company called Cendant Travel, fresh out of high school. It was at Cendant I learned the ropes of the travel industry, the various GDS systems like Sabre and Apollo and the core skills around customer service, loyalty, retention and providing something unique and different. Hell, the the pay at Cendant was horrid looking back and the only reason I stayed was for the excellent travel benefits, which were all taken away after 9-11  so being a technology lover, Dell caught my eye for opening up a brand new call center right down the street from my house – that’s why I left Cendant. I went to Dell because my travel benefits had pretty much been stripped away and because Dell payed much more, MUCH MORE!

In the years working for Dell, I started off making +$35-40K in my first year to $60K my third or fourth year and just shy of $80K my last couple of years. That was my challenge, how in the world can I work in the travel industry and build a sustainable business that can net at least $80K with the possibility to grow to be much more profitable? I read and read: books, ezines, training courses, blogs, white papers, watched training sessions, listened in on conference calls and attended webinar after webinar. Out of all the resources out there, and there are MANY, I am going to share with you the 4 that changed my world. Each of these 4 tools I’m going to share are either 100% free or free by association!

So, whether your passion is traveling the world, helping others travel the world, knowing you were the person that brought the smile to their face when they first saw that ancient ruin or perhaps visited their very first beach outside of America or if you are considering a change in your career – one where you can make your own decisions, set your own hourstravel agent tools, hire your own employees and travel as a perk, I’ll be uncovering the 4 free tools, in a 4 part series which I hope will change your world, too. Each part will be released over the next several months via e-mail. All you need to do is sign-up to receive this free and LIFE-CHANGING information!

And don’t worry, if you’re just now reading this post and I’ve already sent out this awesome free information, signing up now will out you on the list to receive the first one the same day you sign up and each subsequent one a week after the last. So, what are you waiting for?

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The Insiders Guide to Using Press Releases in Your Travel Business

Check out these Awesome Press Release Generators, Wizards, Creators and Examples for your Travel Agency

Want to promote your travel agency business to thousands, including media sites, radio stations, news broadcasts and countless RSS feeds? Look no further than press releases to announce your business to the world! Whether you just completed a new certification, hired a new key employee or started offering a new service, press releases are a great way to gain exposure for your travel business or agency.

While there are many services available that will syndicate or distribute your press release for a fee, sometimes a very hefty one, there are also plenty of free services available which you can take advantage of.

Check out the resources compiled below, divided into three main sections. First, you’ll find some tools to help you create the press release itself. In the second section, you’ll find a list of useful resources for training, examples and tutorials on press releases and finally, in the third section, you’ll find a list of free online services for getting your press release out to the masses!

Press Release Creators, Wizards & Generators for Travel Agents

How to Write Press Releases / Examples of Travel Agency Press Releases

Free Press Release Submission Sites to Use in Your Travel Business

5 Steps to Building an Online Presence for Your Travel Agency

Importance of Establishing an Online Presence for your Travel Agency, What You need to Succeed and Where to Start

Whether starting from scratch, trying to stay relevant or simply trying to maintain your website, my goal with this post is to help get you there or at least pointed in the right direction.

Are you a travel pro who, like me, gets frustrated trying to navigate through all the different systems, software, job aids, logins, suppliers, portals, websites, booking engines, co-branded sites, micro-sites, webinars, host agencies, consortia and associations? I know I am! I hope you found this post before you started chewing your finger nails or pulling your hair out!

Perhaps at the very least, you’ve caught yourself in a dead stare, in front of a mirror with huge eyes staring at  their own reflection, trying to figure out where the hell you should start. In this post, I’ll be going over the importance of establishing an online presence for your travel business and what steps you can take to get online today! You may be shocked to find out that you don’t need an online booking engine, you don’t necessarily need real time supplier promos and you can definitely do without destination and travel guides. Read on to find out why! 

Online Booking Engine for Travel Agents - Do I need a booking engine for my website?

There are mountains of various technologies and platforms to choose from as well as service providers everywhere you turn offering what they claim to be the greatest solution for travel agents. With their promises of more website traffic, better engagement from your clients, more leads calling you ready to book their dream vacation.

Travel Website Promos can make you rich!The technology suppliers in particular, the ones selling website solutions or stand-alone booking engine add-ons, flaunt you with all the charts and graphs showing the millions of consumers who book online. They get you all fired up thinking about all the money you could make! As disappointing as it is, I’m here to tell you, for the vast majority of travel agents, an online booking engine will make no difference on your day-to-day revenue operations or revenue streams.

When I launched my agency, I had just left a 10 year career in the technology industry so I put a huge emphasis on making sure my website offered the capability of booking online. In fact, the first host agency I went with, was chosen based on that particular feature! What a huge mistake that was, but more on that later.

What I learned the hard way was that having a booking engine is not important and despite all the marketing and advertising I did, which drove quite a bit of traffic to my site, no one ever booked on it.  Ever.

Clients who want to book online will go to an OTA. They typically arrive at an agency’s site  because they’re in need of an agent’s service, recommendations and expertise! Clients are not driven to your site because of promotions, either. There are deals and promotions everywhere.

What will drive them to your site, however and keep them coming back for more is helpful information, tips, time saving processes and unique, fresh content!

All of the fee based website service providers focus their offerings on providing promotional content for your website with some destination information but it’s all duplicate content so adds absolutely no value with regard to SEO (search engine optimization). In fact, Google and the other search engines will most likely categorize your site as having “thin content” which is not a good thing and can severely hurt your rankings.

In my opinion, the most important thing you can have on your website is original content. Helpful information for your visitors and unique information for the search engines to crawl. While having automatic supplier promotions is a “nice to have”, it’s not critical and is something that can come later, once you can afford to spend the extra money.

Plus, there’s really no need to pay to have promotions and booking capabilities on your site because there are many suppliers who offer co-branded websites free of charge that give your clients tons of information and will even allow them to book online all the while you get all the commission, should you happen to get lucky!

In future posts, I’ll not only be revealing the names of all the travel suppliers offering a co-branded or micro website solution to travel agents and agencies but I will also be walking you through setting them up, step-by-step so be sure to stay tuned for that!

5 Steps You Can Take Today to Get Your Travel Agency Online

  1. Purchase your domain name and hosting plan. If you need help finding the perfect domain, check out our article on 7 online tools to help you find the perfect domain for your travel agency website. If you don’t have a host, I recommend StableHost. I’ve used about 5 different hosting providers and Stablehost, as its name implies,  is very “stable”, they have lightening fast support, allow you to host an unlimited number of domains as well as provide Softaculous which allows you to install about 150 different website scripts and templates with the click of a mouse.
  2. Install a CMS, I prefer WordPress which is the most popular and has thousands of travel agency themes available for free. There are many reasons you should use WordPress if you don’t already have a solution, just 10 of which are mentioned in the video below.
  3. 10 Reasons You Should Use WordPress at your Travel Agency
    If you’ve already setup your hosting account, have access to cPanel and Softaculous, here’s an instructional video showing you how to install WordPress in minutes.
    1. How to Setup WordPress as your Travel Agency Website Solution
  4. Start adding fresh content! The Travel Institute’s “Travel Agent’s Guide to Writing Content” is a great resource and available free. Travel Research Online also offers tons of articles to get you started, motivated and advice for brainstorming. They even offer a white paper which supplies you with 365 days of topics you can cover in your first year.
  5. Sign up for a service like Agent Social Link by Passport Online which gives you content, including videos, blogs, articles and images you can freely use on your website and social media account, although I’d recommend rewriting the articles or spinning the articles to make them unique. According to’s preferred supplier directory (page 183), Agent Social Link is free to us. They weren’t aware of this when I contacted them and I had to scan and send them the page from the guide to prove it. In the end, the service ended up being free. To save you time, I uploaded images of page 183 below.
  6. Use travel agent websites, blogs and forums (such as this one) to ask for help! There are tons of people willing to help their fellow agent and many who have not only been in the business for years but who have pretty much mastered getting online exposure from their websites.

I certainly hope this helps or at least points you in the right direction. There are tons of different solutions out there, this one just costs a lot less and is just as effective, likely even performs better! Using the tools and resources I’ve mentioned above should get you well on your way! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or give me a shout:  [email protected]

Steven Talbott's Signature





7 Tools to Help You Find the Perfect Domain Name for Your Travel Agency


Have you been searching for the perfect travel domain for your travel business?

I am almost embarrassed by the number of travel domains I personally own but when I have an idea for a domain name or come across one which has recently expired that I like, I usually grab it. I certainly don’t use them all and most of the time, they just sit in my hosting account collecting dust.  However, I personally find having a small vault of domain names comes in handy on occasion but I do go a bit overboard at times.

Okay, let’s get to the tools but first, let me start by giving this advice: If you’re an established agency and already have a company name, I strongly recommend you get a domain name to match. I also recommend that you setup your primary agency website before you venture out and start creating lead generating websites or niche-travel websites.  I think it’s best to focus on your core online home first.

travel-agency-domain-namesLet’s say you’re just starting out, you don’t have a name figured out for  your agency yet or perhaps you’re just looking to buy a domain name or two for any number of reasons.

In this post, I’m giving you 7 Tools to Help You Find the Perfect Domain Name for Your Travel Agency.

1. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search Helps Travel Agents and Agencies Find Website Names for their Business

This domain-finding tool helps users find names by pairing whatever term you enter into the search box with other popular and commonly found keywords in website names. This tools also instantly shows you the names which are available to register.

When I tested out the tool with the words “My Travel Agency, here are 4 of the 4,997 available domain names the tool came back with:,,,

Some of them may not make great sense but the tool is very helpful! Lean Domain Search also allows you to click the ones you like and saves those to a favorites least which is a great extra feature.

2. helps Travel Agencies Find Unique Domains with ALternative Endings


Did you know  there are more than 280 domain name extensions available? A domain extension is the “.com”, “.net” or “.us” part of the domain. This tool allows you to enter your keyword(s), press enter and get a list of domains available using domain extensions. will also use subdirectories to give you even more options. For example, I entered the keywords “gay social” and generated a list of about 20 names, one of which was “”, pretty cool, right? Here are a few more names the tool generated:,,,

3. Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator helps Travel Agents find Website Domain Names


Dot-o-mator consists of a few different tools to help you come up with the perfect domain name for your travel agency.  The first tool allows you to enter in various keywords which will generate names by adding nouns, adjectives or other types of words either to the beginning or end of the keyword. Dot-o-mator also checks for availability and allows you to keep a shortlist of the domains you like within the tool.

The second part of this tool is the “Web 2.0 Name Generator” which is pretty simple and sort of luck Google’s “I’m feeling Lucky” search option. You simply press the button and out pops domain name suggestions. Pressing the button over-and-over again would eventually lead to a pretty catch name, don’t you think?

4. Name Cheap

Name Cheap for Travel Agency Websites

Name Cheap offers a tool similar to what many domain registrars offer. You enter your desired domain name and if it’s not available, Name Cheap’s algorithm spits out domain names it think you’ll like and which are also available.

5. Domize

Domize Domain Finder Review

This tool is great because it works similar to Google’s instant search feature. This means domain name availability is instantly checked, as you type the domain name! Give it a try if you already have a list of domain names you’ve brainstormed and just want to quickly check to see which ones are available.

6. Name Mesh


Name Mesh has over 6M words in its database and actually utilizes 20 different generators all at the same time.  Whether you want a domain which is a common name, new, short, extra, similar, sea-centric, fun or a number of other types of domains, Name Mesh has you covered.

7. Domains Bot


Domains Bot is one of my favorites, although it doesn’t generate anything super creative, it is quick and generates tons of options in an instant. I highly recommend this tool if you’re on the lookout for the perfect travel agency domain for your website, business or both.


So, I hope this post has been useful to you. Using one of the 7 tools above is sure to help you during your search for the perfect domain name but just in case they’re all a bust, there are many more tools out there . Need more inspiration? Check out this list of 15 additional domain name generators.


Best Travel Agent WordPress Plugins for Your Travel Business

Does your travel agency website use WordPress? Do you wish you knew the best plugins to use for various processes, tasks, appearances or development?

Check out this exhaustive list of WordPress plugins by category. If you want to skip having to install plugins only to turn around and have to uninstall the same plugins because your needs weren’t met, we hope this post will help you put a stop to that!

Check out the Best Travel Agent WordPress Plugins for Your Travel Business

Ad Management

Ad Code Manager
Ad Codes Widget
Ad Inserter
Ads in Right Bottom…-right-bottom/
AdSense Manager
AppAd Manager
Better AdSense Targeting…nse-targeting/
Custom Ads Sidebar
Float Left Right Advertising…t-advertising/
Google AdSense Plugin
In-Text Advertising
Quick Adsense
Simple Ads Manager
WP Auto Post ADS
Yepty – Pay Per Click Advertising. Monetize Blog and SkyRocket Income with Relevant Contextual Ads
Ad Injection

Admin Tools

Admin Management Xtended…ement-xtended/
Adminimize Plugin
AIO Cache & Performance
Akismet Plugin
Audit Trail
Ban User By IP
Codepress Admin Columns…admin-columns/
Count per Day
Duplicate Post
Easy Google Analytics for WordPress…for-wordpress/
Gallery Carousel Without JetPack…thout-jetpack/
GD Press Tools
Google Analyticator…-analyticator/
Google Analytics for WordPress plugin…for-wordpress/
Google sitemap plugin…itemap-plugin/
Google XML Sitemap for Images…image-sitemap/
Google XML Sitemap for Mobile Plugin…obile-sitemap/
Google XML Sitemap for Videos Plugin…ps-for-videos/
Google XML sitemaps Plugin…map-generator/
Hyper Cache
Peter’s Login Redirect Plugin…ogin-redirect/
PS Auto Sitemap
Quick Cache ( Speed Without Compromise )
Quick Count
Relevanssi A Better Search
Thank Me Later
Uji Countdown
Visitor Maps and Who’s Online
W3 Total Cache plugin
White Label CMS
WordPress Admin Bar Improved…-bar-improved/
WordPress Importer
WP Content Copy Protection…py-protection/
WP Google Analytics Plugin…gle-analytics/
WP Greet Box
WP Super Cache
WP-DB Manager
Types – Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Management
XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds

Advertising Plugins

Ad Codes Widget
Ad Squares Widget
Ads in Right Bottom…-right-bottom/
Float Left Right Advertising…t-advertising/
Float Left Right Advertising
In-Text Advertising
MHR-Banner [Show banner/advertisement on page footer]
Osiris Signature Banner…nature-banner/
WP Bannerize

Affiliate Marketing Plugins

123Linkit Affiliate Marketing Tool…arketing-tool/
AffiLinker Affiliate
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P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) Plugin
Pinterest “Pin It” Button Plugin…pin-it-button/
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SellFire Affiliate Store Builder…store-builder/
Super Amazon Banners…mazon-banners/
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WP Auto Affiliate Links…filiate-links/


Audio Player
CodeArt – Google MP3 Player…-audio-player/
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MediaElement.js – HTML5 Video & Audio Player…-audio-player/
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WP Audio Player
Yahoo! WebPlayer

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Another Author Box
Author Box After Posts…x-after-posts/
Better Author Bio
Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup
WP About Author

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AWeber Integration
AWeber Web Form Plugin…b-form-widget/
Easy Automatic Newsletter Lite…ic-newsletter/
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Newsletter Sign-Up
What Would Seth Godin Do…seth-godin-do/
Wysija Newsletters


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Simple Backup
WordPress Backup to Dropbox…up-to-dropbox/


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FunCaptcha – game CAPTCHA
MyPuzzle Sliding
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WP Coming Soon


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Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin
Podlove Podcast Publisher…for-wordpress/
Podlove Web Player
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Colored Vote Polls
Pinnion Plugin
Polldaddy Polls & Ratings
Pollphin for WordPress
Simply Poll
Skysa Polls App
Skysa Polls App
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YOP Poll


mTouch Quiz
SS Quiz


(WTI Like Post) Thumbs up/down Plugin for WordPress
Author Post Ratings…-post-ratings/
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Post Ratings

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Anti-Malware (Get Off Malicious Scripts)
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Login Security Solution…rity-solution/
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Simple Login Lockdown…ogin-lockdown/
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Zingiri Web Shop


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Music Store

Create Your Travel Agency Mission Statement with the Help of a Free Generator for Agents

Travel Agent Mission Statement

Travel Agent Mission Statements – New Tools to Assist in Creating the Perfect One For Your Business

Coming up with a mission statement for your travel agency business can seem like a daunting task or Mission Statement for Travel Businessesmaybe it seems completely unnecessary to you or maybe, you need to rethink your current mission statement. Either way, this article aims to explain the importance of a mission statement while providing a free tool to help you come up with something for your travel business. Below, you’ll be introduced to the Travel Agent Mission Statement Generator v1.0 .

Does my tour company need a mission statement, even though it’s a one-woman operation and I just do a few groups a year?

Writing a mission statement is typically part of the business planning process for most businesses, including travel agencies. No matter how small you are, mission statements are a means of communicating your company’s values and its purpose or reason for being!

What are the benefits of my cruise agency creating a mission statement and how will it help us reach our goals?

Your mission statement should be the guiding light for every decision you have to make, perpetually steering your travel business towards every goal and objective. Travel Agent Mission, Vision and GoalsEvery legitimate business needs a well thought out mission statement for many reasons, only one of which is to help keep your preferred suppliers and strategic partnerships as well as your team on the same path and moving in the right direction. The mission statement for your travel agency will help eliminate any conflicts or disputes that can otherwise be detrimental to the to the growth of your business and its future success.

Isn’t writing a mission statement for my travel services agency as simple is writing down a few general words specific to what we specialize in?

Writing Travel Agent Business Plan Examplesa mission statement seems easy enough – they are typically short, have a few bullet points or sentences and have to do with a subject matter of which you’re an expert. However, when you actually go to write the mission statement for your travel business, it can prove to be elusive and difficult to capture.

Okay. I get the importance of a mission statement but I need help. Do you have any travel agent mission statement examples or travel mission statement templates?

The mission statement tool aims to help you come up with your travel agency’s statement quickly and easily or at the very least, will help get the wheels turning and well on your way to locking in on the perfect mission statement for your travel business.

 Simply click each tab at the top and input the types of words the tool asks for that specifically apply to your business, then click “GENERATE“.

You may want to do a bit of brainstorming so that you come up with a combination of complimentary words that really peg your business, values and goals. Once you input words under all 4 tabs; ADVERBS, VERBS, ADJECTIVES and Mission Statement Generator Tool Online for Agents of TravelNOUNS, simply click the GENERATE button to automagically create a mission statement for you! If you don’t like the mission statement the tool generates, simply make your own by changing some of the words or click generate to receive a brand new one!

 Glossary for the Travel Agent Mission Statement Generator Tool

Just in case you’re not brushed up on your grammar and sentence structure skills, here are a few definitions you’ll need to know. You can also click on each word for a popup with more detailed information.

  1. ADVERBS – a word that provides information about the manner, place, time, frequency or other circumstances of the activity denoted by the verb or phrase.

    Example: She was walking slowly

  2. VERBS– a word that conveys and action, an occurrence or a state of being.

    Example: She was walking slowly

  3. ADJECTIVES – a word that qualifies a noun or noun phrase, giving more information about the object specified.

    Example: She was walking slowly in her new shoes.

    Launch Free Mission Statement Generator


Get 2 Free SeaWorld Tickets by Completing the Specialist Course for Travel Agents

Free Tickets to Seaworld for Travel Agents

Get 2 Free SeaWorld Tickets by Completing the Specialist Course for Travel Agents and Travel Agent discounts for additional SeaWorld Tickets

Explore the benefits:

  • Become an expert by exploring our 11 parks for the first time, or again!
  • You can receive CEU Credits, plus free tickets!*
  • Our all new course includes updated information on all our parks, interactive games, and information on our Travel Agent website and how you can earn commissions on tickets as well as vacation packages.

*Must be an IATAN or CLIA affiliated agent to register

*Free tickets issues to qualified agents who complete the training course

*Tickets are not valid at Discovery Cove and SEA reserves the right to cancel benefit at any time.

Free Admission to Seaworld for Travel Agents

Training Session – Sales & Marketing 101

Sales & Marketing 101 for Travel Agents

Trying to figure out how to successfully market to your target audience to drive leads to your business? Check out “Sales & Marketing 101” for some advice, guidance and a little motivation to get you on the right track!


Bahia Principe Travel Agent Discounts & Webinar Updates

Bahia Principe Travel Agents

 Bahia Principe Travel Agent Discounts & Rates

So you can deliver the right information to your clients, check out the Bahia webinars below or to see the updates yourself, take advantage of all the Bahia travel agent discounts available all year round!

You’ll need to check out the page about how to book Bahia Principe travel agent rates for step-by-step directions.


Bahia Principe Webinars & Videos





5 Scary Facts – What Host Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

5 Scary Facts Host Agencies Don't Want You to Know

5 Scary Facts – What Host Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

You Are Paying For Something You Can Get For Free

Most host agencies charge a fee – often a hefty fee – for the privilege of booking through them.

Do I need a host agency?

How do you think they pay for all that marketing they do? But there are host agencies that charge absolutely nothing to provide the same service. They’re hard to find, but they’re out there.

You Are Not The Host Agency’s Customer

If you think you’re the customer and the customer is always right, think again. This is a business to business relationship. It’s up to you to look after your own best interests. The host agency will not do it for you. They’re too busy looking after their interests.

You Can’t Get Your Money Back

Host Agency Reviews

Like I said, you are not a customer. The best money-back “guarantee” I’ve seen from a host agency lasts three days. 72 hours!
In the vast majority of cases, once a host has your money, it’s gone forever, no matter how unsatisfied you are.

Location Matters

In the Internet era it would seem that where a host agency is headquartered shouldn’t matter. In many respects that’s true. But geography can block your access to the kind of supplier support that can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

You Don’t Really Need A Host Agency

Home-based travel agents have become such a valuable channel for travel suppliers that the services of a host agency are not absolutely necessary. For about what it costs to sign up with many hosts, you can create your very own independent travel agency, collect all the commission, and get other home-based agents to work for you! Yes, there are times when using a host agency is a good idea, but you have to know when. There are many situations in which it makes zero financial sense to share your business with them.

Want to learn more about how the travel & host agency business really works?

5 Scary Facts Host Agencies Hope You Don't Learn

How To Setup a Free Honeymoon Registry for Travel Agents

Custom Travel Agent Honeymoon Registry
Travel Agent Expert Advice

Today’s question is from Kevin O’Donnell and Halime Barkay of Travel Planners International and involves what can be a very powerful marketing tool and something you can offer your client for free as a value added service. How many times have you heard…

“Do you have a honeymoon registry?”

In this week’s “Ask Steve for Help”, I’ll take you step-by-step through the process for setting up your very own honeymoon registry so that next time you hear that question, you’ll be able to reply with a resounding “yes!”. Sound good?

“Sounds great but what is a honeymoon registry??”


There are a ton of honeymoon registries out there and while there are certainly some leaders of the pack, the majority of the ones I’ve tested are the same. What’s important for us is our ability to seamlessly integrate the honeymoon registry using our own brand and on our own websites. After all, maintaining a professional and seamless appearance is important for our brand identity’s and how customers view that brand in the marketplace.

…with me so far ?

After testing several registry’s and comparing private label

Honeymoon Registry for Travel Agents

capabilities, there is only one service that I could find with $0 cost (and a cute name) –


The Doyle Collection Offers Travel Agent Rates & Incentives

The Doyle Collection Offers a Travel Agent Specialist Program

the doyle collection

Check out the new travel agent incentives being offered by The Doyle Collection!

Five fascinating cities.  Eight luxury havens.  

Become a Doyle Specialist today to be entered to win one of the following exclusive travel agent incentives or giveaways. Don’t wait! Register using the red button below to take advantage of these offers provided by The Doyle Collection!

Global Hotel Alliance - The Doyle Collection

  • $50 American Express voucher
  • Two nights stay, in The Dupont Circle Hotel, Washington DC
  • Three nights in London, two nights in Dublin with contribution towards flights
  • Complete by 31/03 to avail of exclusive agent rates in our London hotels from £149*

Travel Agents Register Today for The Doyle Collection Program

Not a travel agent but want to take advantage of these deals?

Buzz on the Web about The Doyle Collection:


#Eventprofs, #MeetingPlanners.. Have you seen this great offer on The Doyle Collection website? Click for full…


#Job #London Sales Executive – The Doyle Collection require a “Sales Executive” in London: of warmth and acknowled…

The Doyle Collection

The Doyle Collection is a group of luxury hotels previously known as Jurys Doyle Hotels. hotels in five cities in Ireland , the UK and the US .
[wdsm_ad id=”574″ class=” ” ]


How to Start a Tour Company – Free Workshop for Travel Agents

How to start a tour company, design tours and become a tour director?

Subscribe via iTunes

Podcast Number 340

Jim explains how a tour designing business can be very profitable and reveals some of the numbers he generates from his tour business. You don’t have to be a travel agent to begin a tour designing business but I believe many travel agents would like to add some “meat” to their bottom line. Enjoy and prosper.
Jim’s website

Visit for a Free Travel Agent Workshop

National Tour Association – February Expo
The Home Based Travel Agent Show Facebook Page
Sharp Tongued Consulting Facebook Page
Sharped Tongued Consulting – Lorene’s Travel Agent Website
Barry’s Facebook Page
Lorene’s Facebook Page
Email Barry at [email protected]
Email Lorene at [email protected]
Subscribe in iTunes
The Home Based Travel Agent Show is available on your television through Roku in the Blubrry Channel. You can find us on Blubrry at and on the Travelcast Network at

Thank you for listening to the Home Based Travel Agent Podcast.

Read the full story

Source: 340 – Free Workshop for Travel Agents Interested in Designing Tours


Your Ultimate Business Solution: How to start a Tour Company

How to start a Tour Company. It is the inborn curiosity of people to know the unknown, and to see the unseen. And for this, people have to go in tour in different countries. Today many business men are want to help the people in the case of 
Business Ideas – How to start a tour company – Ask Evan – Socialvoom

Business Ideas – How to start a tour company – Ask Evan. Newest Video: *** Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment – Thank you!!! In this …
Business Ideas – How to start a tour company – Ask Evan | My Free …

Newest Video: *** Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment –

How to Position Charging Travel Agent Service Fees to Your Clients

Comic poking fun at airline and travel agent service fees

Click play on the video below to hear a live sales call between a travel consultant and a potential new client as they discuss travel agent service fees. Pay special attention to the way the agent sells the client on all the benefits he’ll receive by using her services, including: years of experience and expertise, support and leveraging supplier relationships.

travel agent service fees

As the agent says on the phone call:

“…how cheap does a bad vacation have to be to be okay?”

Although the client is reluctant at first, he eventually bites and agrees to pay the travel agent service fees.

This is interesting and although I cannot confirm as to whether or not this is a real live conversation between a travel agent and a prospect or if this call was staged for training purposes, it’s definately worth listening to. I found the call in my archives – I’m guessing it’s at least several years old.

In any case,  there’s something to be said about charging service fees and how you value yourself as a professionals. Given all the commission cutbacks and constant addition of non-commissionable dollars on tours, cruise and packages –  relay your value to your clients. In the end, don’t you want to do business with people who want to travel? I mean, really travel?

Listen to the call below and be sure to share your experiences with Travel Agent Service Fees!

  • Do you charge service fees now?
  • At what point did you start and why?
  • Did you find it difficult to charge travel agent service fees?
  • Any best practices to share for other travel agents interested in charging a service fee, consultation fee or other type of fee?

Travel Agent Support – How to rake in $1,000’s extra by charging service fees or implementing a fee based system.

Travel Agent Service Fee “Chatter on the Web”

Travel agent service fees — some background and information

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Happy 2014 – Set Yourself Up for Success with a Vision Board and Do it Online for Free

If you’re like me, every New Year you get all excited about a fresh start, a chance to make a real difference and an opportunity to succeed. Whether your goals are to get more involved in the local community, spend more time with your family or loved one(s), sell more travel or make more sales at your job or perhaps to start your own business – the 2014 New Year is the perfect time to start working on whatever milestones and accomplishments spell success for you.

In various documentaries, magazine articles, team builders and in passing, I’ve heard a lot about “vision boards” over the years and while I pretty much knew what a vision board was, I also knew the time involved to create one. Not only the time but many people have a creative side that comes out in their vision boards, which I very much lack. 

Clipping pictures from newspapers and magazines, assembling letters and numbers and positioning them perfectly on a board – looks like a lot of fun but honestly, not my cup-o-tea. I’ve talked to people who swear by their vision boards so I definitely wanted to create one. It all makes perfect sense – put your goals, the things you want to experience and succeed at out into the world, for everyone to see. For you to see, every day.

Well, I finally found a solution – a website that allows you to create a digital vision board! This solution still requires you to put in the time and to organize your thoughts and goals and to really think about what’s important to you but it’s a free tool anyone can use – even if you aren’t so artistic.

I’ll provide more details about the tool below but for those of you who may not be familiar with vision boards and what they are, do or can accomplish, allow me to explain:

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tool, a constant reminder that you create which can help you clarify and focus on specific goals. Quite literally, a vision board is any kind of board where you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do, accomplish or have in your life. 

What’s the point of a vision board?

Well, basically, we are all busy people and most of us beg for more time in each day, right? We’re also constantly being distracted – especially today. We have laptops, desktops, work computers, tablets, iPads, smart phones, xbox systems, alarm clocks, smart watches and other devices, not to mention people, who want to instantly connect, at any time. 

A vision board will help you to:

  1. Figure out what your vision is
  2. Serve as a reminder and daily affirmation
  3. Keep you focused on your true intentions

1. Figure out what your vision is

So you say to yourself, “I want a better life for me and my kids”. That’s a great goal, but have you really thought about all that entails? Let’s try a different approach – get more specific, think about tangible consequences of “a better life”.

In order to create your vision boards, go and search for pictures that represent specifics about your better life! Narrow it down to thinks like a new home or new car. Maybe your idea of a better life is being able to travel the world – if so, pictures of the places you want to go and things you want to see are great for your vision board!

2. Daily Affirmations
Once you dream it up, you have to believe it! Start with images but also include words, phrases and sentences that affirm your intentions. Include inspirations quotes, motivational tid bits and things like “I am as healthy as ever!”, “I’m free of debt and financially secure!”, or “The best opportunities always present themselves to me!”

3. Stay Focused

We all wake up in a great mood and start each day with that “go gettum” attitude but how quickly can that attitude be shot all to hell? You know, the person driving on the interstate like it’s a school zone or what about feedback from your boss on something you poured your heart into and was confident it was the best he’d ever seen? By utilizing a vision board, no matter what happens throughout the day, you’ll be constantly reminded of where you intend to be. This appeals to both your conscious and subconscious mind and can really work wonders at keeping you focused on the prize!

Ready to get started? Here’s the free website I found which allows you to create your vision board. They also provide detailed instructions and videos to help you along the way!

If you feel comfortable enough to share your vision board, please provide a link to it in the comments sections. Your vision board may be the inspiration needed for others to jump on board! 

Happy New Year to Everyone! I wish you nothing but the very best in 2014! You deserve it!

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Get Exclusive Deals and Cash Back on Everyday Purchases You Make Online for Free

Being a home based travel agency having started my business just a short while ago coupled with the fact that I started with 0 clients, means I am constantly looking for ways to save money. Every dollar I save means an extra dollar I can put towards the cost of running my business. Since I assume every home based travel agent out there hopes to save money, I’m sharing one of the many ways I accomplish this – through a free money saving and deal consolidating website membership called Fat Wallet.

I’ve made it a habit to check Fat Wallet before making any and all purchases online. Regardless of what merchant you’re buying from, chances are they are a part of Fat Wallet’s extensive list of participating businesses. Not only can you find exclusive deals available only to Fat Wallet members and subscribers but you also receive cash back on purchases varying from 2% to 25%+. Your cash back is credited usually within 10 days after you make the purchase on the merchants website and you can cash out to your bank account or via PayPal whenever you want.

How Does Fat Wallet Work?

It’s simple, once you register using the link below, each time you’re about to make an online purchase, login to your Fat Wallet account and check to see if the merchant you’re buying from participates on Fat Wallet.

  1. Type the name of the business in the search box, click “Go”.
  2. Check out the deals, coupons and forum posts to see if there is an offer that relates to your purchase.
  3. On the results page, look for the company and the % cash back available. Click on “Shop Now”. 
  4. In the window that pops up, feel free to add a note to remind you of the purchase.
  5. Shop as you normally do on the merchant’s website.
  6. After your order has had a chance to process, ship and payout, check your Fat Wallet account for payment.
Search for the merchant you plan to make a purchase from
Add a note to help you remember the purchase.

Only looking at purchases I’ve made over the last 30 days has earned me over $30 bucks! That’s $30 free dollar bills I would have never received had it not been for Fat Wallet! I encourage you to try it out, implementing a quick trip to Fat Wallet’s website as often as possible! Leave any comments or questions in the comments section below and make sure you share your tips for saving money too!

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