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no-fees-or-subscriptions-for-travel-agentsTired of paying monthly and yearly membership fees for free information? Do you enjoy paying fees to access travel supplier deals, specials and incentives? Of course not!

Why should you, a travel industry professional, pay to subsidize the cost of creating, administering and maintaining a travel agent database and website when it’s the suppliers who are making the offers?

They want you to know about their latest agent promotion, hot new fam trip, brand new deeply discounted travel agent rate or other travel industry benefits, perks or discounts offered to bona fide agents only!

Look no further than TAS for fam trips, agent deals, special rates, incentives and more.

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As a travel agent, experiencingTour, Cruise and Resort Travel Agent destinations, the services of resorts and hotels and supplier products first hand is absolutely key to our success. Some agents even go so far as to say they will only sell what they have personally experienced and truthfully, that’s the way it should be. Clients come to us for our expertise and guidance, right? How can we possibly recommend a destination, service or product if we haven’t been there or stayed there ourselves?
Travel is not cheap, in fact, aside from the purchase of a home and car, travel is the 3rd most expensive purchase we make. That’s why travel suppliers, including hotels, car rental companies, tour companies, cruise lines, theme parks, special events, performers, production companies, transportation companies, attractions and even restaurants offer travel agents free or drastically reduced rates and pricing – so that we can experience their product or service and sell more of it!
Travel Agent Support (TAS) has a database of thousands of travel agent offers, travel industry deals, tourism consultant rates and agent only discounts. Access to all this information is completely free to travel agents too! Have a look around and plan your next familiarization trip today!


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