How to Position Charging Travel Agent Service Fees to Your Clients

Comic poking fun at airline and travel agent service fees

Click play on the video below to hear a live sales call between a travel consultant and a potential new client as they discuss travel agent service fees. Pay special attention to the way the agent sells the client on all the benefits he’ll receive by using her services, including: years of experience and expertise, support and leveraging supplier relationships.

travel agent service fees

As the agent says on the phone call:

“…how cheap does a bad vacation have to be to be okay?”

Although the client is reluctant at first, he eventually bites and agrees to pay the travel agent service fees.

This is interesting and although I cannot confirm as to whether or not this is a real live conversation between a travel agent and a prospect or if this call was staged for training purposes, it’s definately worth listening to. I found the call in my archives – I’m guessing it’s at least several years old.

In any case,  there’s something to be said about charging service fees and how you value yourself as a professionals. Given all the commission cutbacks and constant addition of non-commissionable dollars on tours, cruise and packages –  relay your value to your clients. In the end, don’t you want to do business with people who want to travel? I mean, really travel?

Listen to the call below and be sure to share your experiences with Travel Agent Service Fees!

  • Do you charge service fees now?
  • At what point did you start and why?
  • Did you find it difficult to charge travel agent service fees?
  • Any best practices to share for other travel agents interested in charging a service fee, consultation fee or other type of fee?

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