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In this post, I thought I’d share my favorite podcasts – from travel agent specific content and productivity programs to shows about expats and finance. What about you, do you listen to podcasts? Be sure to share your favorites in the comments section below!

In 2005, David Carr wrote “In a nascent state, podcasting is the platform du jour, the latest form of jailbreak media that has plain old citizens pulling up the microphone and mainstream media running scared.” Since then, podcasting has certainly seen it’s ups and downs in popularity but over the last year, I’ve noticed a proliferation in newly launched podcasts. One can only assume demand exists for all these new shows. In fact, Edison Research, who conducts market analysis on the topic, estimates 98 million people, or 36% of the global population, has listened to at least one podcast in their lifetime. In 2006, that number was only 11%.

Despite the rise and fall of podcasts and their popularity,

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I personally love listening to them. Whether in the shower, on an airplane or working out at the gym, podcasts are the perfect company. I love educating myself and learning from others who are more successful than I am. While the recommendations below aren’t necessarily specific to travel, they are all enlightening, educational or focused on business or personal development in some fashion or form. In no particular order, these are the podcasts that grace my favorites area in the smart phone app I use, called Pocketcast.

I intend for this post to be Evergreen, meaning, relevant and fresh for readers regardless of when the content is consumed. In other words, I plan on updating this post with new additions and as my tastes and needs change.

My Top Podcast Picks for Travel Agents and Travel Industry Professionals

1. Build Your Tribe
2. Beyond the To Do List
3. Freakonomics Radio
4. Get Paid for Your Pad
5. Listen Money Matters / College Info Geek
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